Product Development

Team of our developers and product managers offer end-to-end product development based on clients’ exact needs and modifications. Our team offers complete customization and full-cycle software development. Our team can build verity of customized product like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), online payment platform for your application or website.

There are many standard stages that we all must go through to develop a successful product. All organizations must go through different stages based on the product needs and product priority. 360 Passive can help you with end-to-end product development. Some of the standard product development stages are described below where we are helping our clients.

  • Helping our client identify market need for their vision of the product
  • Our team helps quantify the opportunity, so it makes it easier to understand to support the need for the product in actual numbers
  • We help client visualize and validate their solutions
  • Our teams develop the product roadmap and helps create minimum viable product (MVP) so client can send it to test users
  • 360 Passive constantly work with client with ongoing iteration based on user feedback and strategic goals before the final product launch
  • Our support team helps client and users solve any issues and can develop training after product launch as well

Do you have a visionary idea that you think can revolutionize any industry? Give us a chance to work together to make your idea a reality!